Best of Miami 2011: Best Restaurant in Downtown Miami

Sparky’s should really be called “Sparky’s & Sparky’s,” because the two chef/owners gave each other the nickname while cooking together years ago. “Slow down, take your time. You’re probably only going back to work,” goes their motto, and if you’re beginning to get the idea that these guys are characters, let’s make it clear they are characters with enviable barbecue skills (one Sparky went to the Culinary Institute of America). “Low and slow” cooking over hickory and apple wood brings out the best in baby-back pork, beef brisket, chicken thighs, and pulled pork shoulder. Sandwiches are stuffed with the aforementioned meats ($6.95 to $8.50), on grilled rolls with coleslaw and waffle fries. The same choices arrive on platters ($8.95 to $12.95) with pick of two sides (slaw, fries, mac and cheese, stewed collard greens, and baked beans). Spark your thirst with any of a dozen microbrews ($3 to $4.50) from Maryland (Flying Dog’s In-Heat Wheat) to Minnesota (Horizon Red Ale) to home (Florida’s own Native Lager). If you crave great barbecue and come here to eat, know that Sparky’s will deliver. And if you work in the downtown area but can’t make it out of the office, know that Sparky’s will deliver.

Source: Miami New Times