Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue in Downtown Miami, Florida

You just can’t trust the GPS on your phone. I’ve been wanting to buy one for use exclusively in my car (where else would I use it?) and it would have come in handy today. I get lost in Downtown easily but luckily Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue was easy to find after my disastrous attempt to drive down a one way road thanks to my GPS.

I walked in and could smell the BBQ goodness in the air. I felt right at home as this isn’t one of those trendy pretentious places trying to pass themselves as a barbecue joint. While I don’t consider myself a BBQ expert I do consider myself an “experto” at spotting a fake.

I was kinda torn as to which of the appetizers to go for but the Wings and Corn Nuggets ended up being my choices. I wanted to try the Hush Puppies also but I figured there’s always next time if I dig this place. The Wings were awesomely smokey and delicious but those Corn Nuggets. Damn those guys! The Corn Nuggets are breaded cream of corn deep fried. They’re served with a side of ranch for dipping but it’s really not necessary. Wow.

My wife Marcela orders Tyler’s Pressed Sandwich (Brisket, Pulled Pork, Sauteed Onions, American Cheese & BBQ Sauce) while I go for the obvious choice of the half pound Angus Beef Burger w/American Cheese. The sandwiches are served with Waffle Fries (interesting) and Coleslaw (not my cup of tea). There are a bunch of sauces at the table, six to be exact. Sparky’s BBQ Sauce was my favorite of the 6 but the one labeled “Magma” is sure to guarantee a bad time for the person who doesn’t realize the serious heat they’re about to take on.

I liked Tyler’s Pressed Sandwich but I wish we had just decided to have the Brisket or the Pulled Pork individually. I’m not trying to dissuade you from having this I just think since it was our first time here we should have tried out the goods solo. Now, as for the burger…..well I was kinda speechless. It was so good, since the smokey taste permeated the patty. It had 2 slices of American Cheese and nothing else on it. I barely touched the waffle fries. I was mesmerized by it so much so that I ordered a second one.

The Mac’n Cheese and Cornbread were both fresh and solid. Good stuff and the Cornbread ended up being my guinea pig for the sauces I mentioned before. Also try the Apple Wood and Hickory Smoked Boneless Chicken Thigh, it’s killer.

Burger numero dos arrives and I don’t even remember eating it but I know I did. And I’d suggest you do the same. When you go save me a seat!

Source: Burger Beast